The Helix Energizer Kitchen™
Energizes your drinking and cooking water

By using molecular count, our bodies are over 99% water.
The Helix Energizer – Kitchen™ uses a newly designed high-pressure housing body and 8-stage premium filtration array that uses a proprietary energizing media system to create a dynamic high energy structured drinking and cooking water.

  • Kitchen system also includes a mini under-the-counter-sized Helix Energizer device that is identical in operating features to its larger Helix Energizer-Home version
  • Unit does not require a separate faucet! Simply direct connect to your existing kitchen faucet plumbing with parts and wrench included
  • Easy 10-minute installation below kitchen sink – stainless steel braided high-pressure compression tubing and solid brass connection fittings included. Close quarters adjustable wrench also included

The Helix Energizer Kitchen™ Makes The Most Of It!

Helix Energizer Kitchen


Creates Micro-clustered vibrant water at YOUR KITCHEN SINK just like nature does.

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