EnerChi Earth Card™

A handy sized 12-gram carbon fiber and holographic energy charged card unlike any other quantum tool presently on the market. Designed to facilitate research with the 11-point balance self-administered research protocol and many other uses. Can also be used to energy charge food and water.

EnerChi EMF Chip™

This tiny highly charged convenient carbon chip is designed to simply ride in between the mobile phone and the mobile phone case. May also be used on other types of network connected equipment.

EnerChi Wearable Discs™

Available in packs of 24 each, these wearable and shareable holographic discs are designed to function like an ongoing meridian adjustment that keeps on working like you do.

How EnerChi Products Work

Helixlife EnerChi tools use an electromagnetic energy transfer system and method to non-invasively boost the body's own natural ability to sustain wellness. The EnerChi energy tools are a very safe, non-invasive and fun way to do research and experimentation using ageless and often misunderstood quantum energy technology.

Students of Chinese Medicine learn that the body is a network of interdependent pairs of energy meridians (think highways), which ideally guide the flow of extremely subtle electrical energy, also known as "Chi" throughout the body. This energy is understood to help to regulate and stabilize normal body function and regeneration processes.


Created To Be Unique

The EnerChi division of Helix Life International was created to bring unique and highly charged carbon-based and holographic energy tools to people around the world who are interested in participating in energy balance wellness research.

The EnerChi research program was created by HelixLife together with the lifetime research and teachings of world renown energy medicine practitioners.

The high-quality energy research products offered are all designed, manufactured, and frequency charged in the USA using globally resourced materials and ingredients. The engineering and manufacturing operation is closely monitored by HelixLife International, LLC.

*These products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not
intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Helix Life International LLC, or any of its agents, promoters or advisors make no health claims for any of its tools, products or services.



ENERCHI™ created to bring unique and highly charged carbon based and holographic energy tools to people around the world

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